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Expanding Your Comfort Zone: Jumping into the Deep End vs.

Waddup freaks! It’s your favorite weirdo writing today from GoiĆ¢nia in Brazil, some way off the beaten path. I shot a video this morning following a discussion with a friend of mine about growth and what approach should you take to it.

Her approach was more based on doing a little bit every day, slowly stretching the limits of what she was capable of, whereas she perceived my approach to be more “jumping into the deep end”, just doing really challenging stuff like travelling to the far ends of the end, etc.

After pondering about it for a while, I decided to do a video about my conclusions. Check it out below:

I can definitely say that I have plenty to improve in my expression, but at the same time I feel like I’m improving. Anyway here’s what I was trying to communicate:

Your comfort zone is like the intensity you can grow at, like I said in the video, going far out of your comfort zone is like doing an intense workout. But doing a single intense workout won’t make you jacked – it takes a long time of consistent effort to be able to achieve that. Once you get used to more intense workouts though, your potential increases immediately. It’s the same concept, just applied on a grander scale.

So obviously wise approach is to consistently push yourself, and always be leaning to the edges of your comfort zone. If you can handle jumping to the deep end every now and then, that can can then fuel even further expansion of that comfort zone, especially once it becomes hard to push that comfort zone in your regular day-to-day life. The growth itself, on the other hand, doesn’t happen linearly at all. Just like in working out you can actually get weaker in the short term despite pushing yourself, or plateau for a long time, you improving yourself and your life overall won’t happen linearly in a straight upward slope.

That’s why you have to focus on the process. Push yourself and trust that eventually results will come. Be more concerned on how well you are spending your time, rather than the actual results you’re getting. And of course, be happy of small victories, like I was today for getting out and doing that video (it actually still isn’t easy at all).

Hope that makes any sense, I’ll get back to you soon :)