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Reconstruction of My Routine

WreckI’m back. I’ve been a total trainwreck* of late, which has seen me completely fall off my habits, especially off my weekly posting schedule. My blog is at a crossroads and definitely I feel a change is in order. Mainly though this post will be about me attempting to get back into work groove.

*Trainwreck in my case means I’ve been having too much sugar.

Hong Kong Fallout

I stayed on most of my routines fairly well during my excursion in Hong Kong. I kept doing my workout every day, even if sometimes the logistics got difficult, sometimes doing my workout at 2 am.

What killed me off (not literally!) was falling sick during the last days of Hong Kong. Now I have been off everything for a long time.

However, I turned into a trainwreck during Hong Kong even before all of my routines breaking down. Don’t get me wrong, Hong Kong was incredibly awesome and I’d put the whole trip up there as one of best moments of my life, but the fact was that the whole idea of traveling while doing my location independent work was pretty much shattered. Doesn’t help to have a location independent job if you can’t actually maintain the processes of doing it while being, you know, in a different location.

I’m not gonna get into detail about what happened in Hong Kong to make me so hazy brained to not be able to work, as it would be unsavory story with plenty of debauchery (and mom, if you’re reading, this… Nothing happened in Hong Kong. I was just sight-seeing. I’m a good boy). The key thing is to understand that it kinda threw me off the rails and left me with a lot to think about.

Avoiding this in the future won’t be the subject of this post, instead now I have to focus on simply getting back to my ways.

Public UAS Tracking

Yeah, for those who don’t know what UAS stands for, it’s Universal Awesomeness Score. My few months old scoring system that I’ve not been so careful to stay on top of. What I mean by this is that I’ve not been the most meticulous tracker of my own productivity lately. It’s simple, really. When you are a wreck who is not working much to begin with, you are not feeling very inclined to track your own productivity. Just discouraging.

It has to get sorted, so I am moving my points tracking on this site, on a separate page. I don’t want to start spamming the main blog feed with my weekly updates, but I want my points still to be a part of the site – after all I redesigned the whole points system so it fits everyone better. If I’m not using my own system well and setting an example, how can I expect anything else to do it? Furthermore, it being “public” (not that there’s many people reading my blog) would motivate me to push myself into higher and higher scores.

This kind of signifies the change that this blog is facing as well. I am yet to decide what direction I want to take this blog to. So far it’s been posing mostly as a personal development blog, and there’s always aspects of that in it as I am so heavily into growth, but at the same time I feel like I am not very good at it. Yeah, you get better by doing it, but if I’m only going to post once in a week the progress is going to be slow.

Yeah, that’s another thing. Posting once a week. I don’t think that really fits me. I mean, on one hand it does, very much. Forces me to be productive. But this should be something to aid me moving forward on my path, this blog – not something that I feel forced to do. The messages here on this site should come out of inspiration, not out of obligation. Obviously often times its a mix of both, but I’d definitely want to be leaning more on the inspiration’s side.

Since I’ve already fallen off the wagon of weekly posting, I’m to keep just posting freely at least for a while, at least until I figure what I want to do.

When we get to the bare bones, this blog should first and foremost be an expression of myself. Whether that turns this into more of an personal journal like site or something, that’s something that I will have to figure out. I do know I want the blog to be a window to my life.

The New Routine

For my new resurrection, for my Phoenix-like rising from the ashes, I figure I need at least some sort of template to base my days around. Of course I am going to be very flexible in case something comes up, but if nothing comes up I think I need to be disciplined. As I’ve learned in the past, the template should not be something that completely overwhelms me. So here goes:

- Wake up to a new day -

  1. Work for three hours
  2. Breakfast
  3. An hour of reading
  4. 15 min of stretching
  5. Work out
  6. Lunch / second meal**
  7. An hour of reading (optional)
  8. Mediation
  9. Write for an hour
  10. Third meal

** I very rarely have my second meal at lunch-time. *Grins*

- Few hours of free activity -

  1. Address pelvic dysfunction + porn star warm up*** / This can be replaced with session of Yoga
  2. Work more until feel tired / lose focus
  3. Final meal of the day
  4. Sit down for 5 minutes to plan and set goals for the next day
  5. Read fiction until sleepy

*** Porn-star warm-up is a hip-mobility routine on Amped Warm-up Guide

So there it is. As you can see, it is divided into two parts, like bookends of the day, but naturally I will move around little blocks of the day as I see fit and some probably will be omitted altogether on some days. The essentials really are to put in a few hours of work in every day, read a bit, eat a lot, write, exercise, meditate and stretch. Beyond that, everything else is just bonus. If I don’t let my time leak into silly things like fiddling around with my phone, it is all very doable with a nice window of time in between the two routines where I can do whatever I want.

I’ll dissect some bits of it a bit now. Why I want to delve straight away to work? Well, because after all of this time I still have most trouble with it. It is the thing I want to procrastinate with. But if I start the day with a simple minded focus to get it done, I usually do very well. Doing three hours straight away just sets me up well for the day. I’ll have breakfast only after that. As my meals are generally heavy and I feel tired after them, reading is a perfect follow up activity for the meal. Then it is always nice to get the body maintenance out of the way for the day.

Again, after second meal I might want to do something lighter like reading, but meditation will be good as well. If I am tired it is a good way to train your mind to be more focused during tiredness, something that’s very useful to learn. Ideally after meditation the worst food coma would have cleared and I’d have a nice, focused and clear mind to start writing for the day. After writing I’ve earnt another meal and some free time to unwind.

Ending the day well is of course important. I want to do more body maintenance cause I do a lot of sitting, I have notoriously tight hips and already am having some back problems. So it doesn’t hurt to alleviate that. Not to mention the extra hip mobility might come in handy on those days that I’m not going to bed alone…

Before slamming down some more work for the night I think its useful to grab a snack. After the further work and the final meal I’ve definitely earnt my rest. Fiction is perfect to read before sleeping as it generally doesn’t put you in a state where you are thinking about super logical stuff or doing future projections and reflections in your mind.

So there. Good plans have been laid, now the predictable battle in staying disciplined to them is ahead. But of course, this isn’t a challenge, I’m going to be flexible on these, I just want to have some go-to structure for the indecisive moments.

Dump your comments below. Come on, don’t be shy.