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Scrapping the Self-Discipline Challenge

Well, this was a tad predictable, wasn’t it? Sergio was right in the end, and I knew it was going to be hard – too hard in the end. Maybe I’ll try this again when I have built up my willpower, for now it really wasn’t working. Week three was better than first two weeks in some regards, but in terms of actually following the schedule… none of it was happening. Sure I had patches of productivity but none of it was along my schedule. So it is pretty worthless to have one if you’re not going along it.

In the end all of the posts, writing and thinking relating to it was a bit of a waste. But nothing really is ultimately a complete was, even failures are lessons. For me the lesson is that my life is in too much of a flow at the moment for me to try to adhere to anything rigid.

But I can’t just be completely undisciplined either. What I will focus on from now on is just fighting those small battles with my willpower to get work done daily, to get my fitness back in order. I should be at the peak shape of my life, and I probably can hit the peak shape of my life this year, but I need to start working out to do that. Work and work out, that should be my mantra from now on. Doesn’t matter what time is it, as long as I keep doing it.

I’m intending to start posting much more frequently here as well, but that’s something I’m always intending, isn’t it? We will see what happens. Ultimately I thank you if you’ve followed along me on this ultimately fruitless journey, lets hope to something better in the future.

Self-Discipline Challenge Week 2 Review

Well, before we look at the stats (and there isn’t much to look at), I gotta say that this was the ultimate embarrasment of a week, and also that this is exactly what happened between my numerous restarts while I wasn’t posting. Basically what happens is that I just fall off the wagon… completely. There’s not just minor fumbling for me either, I fully crash when things don’t go well.

Daily goals completed 0 / 5

Morning routines completed 0 / 7

Evening routines completed 0 / 7

Points scored -483

I know. You didn’t know that much minus points is even possible in my point system. It shouldn’t be, either. It would have been borderline impossible last year for me to score that much negative even during my bad weeks. But you know, I’ve made punishment for my vices much more severe this year, and last week was all about indulging in them.

I’m not going to throw excuses. I just never even tried. That’s the worst way to fail, right? Regardless, if this week is a similar catastrophe, I am going to simply give up on this challenge and look for some alternative way to kick-start my productivity (though obviously it is clear that no matter what I do, I always will have to use self-discipline – it’s just that I’d give up on this challenge).

For next week, I’ll simplify my daily goals a bit. I will have to establish certain culture of completing them, other wise I might as well not make goals. So for next week they are very simple and straight forward for every day:

Daily goal for EVERY DAY: Add 500 words to my novel and add 500 words to some other story you’re working on.

1000 words of writing a day. Simple enough, you’d think. At least it would mean 7000 words of progress towards my goals every week. I need to become eventually much more prolific to realize the vision I have in my mind, but that will do for a start to get me out of this funk.

Thanks for reading, let me know if you have anything to say in the comments.

Self-Discipline Challenge – Week 1 After Restart

Alright, first week since restarting has passed and it’s time to see what kind of results the first week yielded – I can say right off the cuff that while the improvement over recent weeks was distinct, overall it was very modest, especially compared to last year. I need to improve vastly to even reach those levels. With that being said, let’s delve into the numbers.

Daily goals completed 1 / 5

Morning routines completed 4 / 7

Evening routines completed 4 / 7

Points scored 38

Not perfect indeed, anything but. Every day I managed positive points despite being at lowest nearly 70 points on the negative side on some days, due to indulging in my vices. I ended up not tracking my work that well, so no hourly reports. The most miserable thing of course here is that I didn’t even manage to complete fairly simple daily goals, not until Friday when I absolutely had to complete my goal, just to not make rising back from negative points impossible. Which is actually what I’m facing today as well – I just like digging myself into trouble.

Still, it’s a start and a step towards better direction. Despite only lowly 38 points, it actually was my 4th best week of the year. While it just tells that my year has been pathetic so far, it still points to me slowly getting back from the rut I’ve been in.

So in the end, my weekly goal didn’t get completed. Thus my weekly goal for this week is completion of 3 stories and further progress on my book project.

Daily goals:

Monday: Finish one Fiverr article + publish this post

Tuesday: Finish the long overdue story and start two others, picked from brainstormed ideas or started from scratch.

Wednesday: Add 1000 words to the book and another thousand to one of the stories.

Thursday: Finish the second story of the week, and add further 1000 words on the book.

Friday: Finish the third story, and add 1000 words to the book.