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Japan Day -2: Life Momentum

Buenos Dias! Oh wait, now I’m in completely wrong language…

*Chuckles* Nothing like a piece of random non sequitor humor to start a post.

Anyway I’m officially kicking off my Japan series, hope you are going to enjoy the ride along with me. Basically the intention is to shoot a 3-5 minute short videos for every day. I don’t intend to go much over that. I want my videos actually get watched, and I know people are busy. I will briefly recap what’s been going on in the videos and then talk about some concept that’s been going in my mind. Which brings me to my today’s concept…

Life Momentum

I actually shot a video of this earlier too, but I never published the mentioned video… Let me give you a brief rundown of it here:

Alright, hope that explained the things a little. For me lesson from the video is to not shoot in limited lightning, the picture quality took a slight hit. I also made some stupid mistakes (can you notice where “from” turns to “to”)?

So let’s talk quickly about life momentum and how to gain it. As I said, there are two ways:

Big Event

As I explained in the video, it is some major shift happening in your life that leads to improvement (gaining life momentum) or everything falling apart (losing life momentum). I gained a ton of life momentum from Malaysia. From being more brave and extroverted to better understanding, it led to improvement of my life in all areas. I had the best month of my life in May, but even months after that were great due to me riding on the wave of life momentum.

But every momentum eventually comes down if there’s no effort being added. I adopted many good habits, but didn’t keep pushing myself nearly enough to keep the momentum going. My life kept improving until about November time, when I started hitting the wall. The momentum had started turning. That was because I had not implemented the other way.

Having Positive Habits and Pushing Yourself

I didn’t completely stop pushing myself, but you need to really keep staying on the edges to maintain momentum. My positive habits kept the decline slow, but it eventually led to crumbling. Now I’m near the starting point again.

I would have avoided this by pushing closer to the edges on a continual basis. You need to push your comfort zone on day-to-day basis, even if just some small way. This means just challenging yourself, as long as the challenge is real and not just trying to get better at FIFA13. This means being social, putting your work out to the world, always seeing where you can improve and then taking action on it.

I improved little by little over time, but I wasn’t leaning to my edges except on rare days.

I could dig myself up from this the same way I got here – starting to implement healthier habits back and challenging myself on daily basis. But oh well, Japan trip happened to come here. What it is going to do is force a complete rewiring of my brain – again. It is going snap me awake.


Of course neither of the plans is foolproof, and you will never keep life momentum that improves infinitely – something bad is going to happen that’s going slow you down a lot. Or maybe you just get comfortable and start to stagnate without realizing it. Either way, you’re fucked. Just kidding.

It’s just natural fluctuation of life. There’s always both uphills and downhills. In the end life momentum is just a mental model to how to think about life. You don’t notice its fluctuations on day-to-day basis, but you do notice it as weeks and months and even years go by. I might have lost life momentum compared to 8 months ago, but compared to three years ago I’m still on an upward slope.

Trips like Japan and Malaysia could go wrong too. They could end up being horrible experiences that stifle your life further. There’s always that risk. Everyone knows I believe that travel is good, even for the most dysfunctional of us. But you need to acknowledge the chance of anything happening.

In the end, the way I recommend you use this is as a mental model to evaluate your life. Are you losing momentum or gaining momentum? This can have multiple answers depending on the time span you look at it.

Let me know what you think. Any comments regarding Japan would be greatly appreciated as well.

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