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Japan Day 19: Finale (2 videos!)

Japan trip came to an end today, and I’m typing this safely from Finnish soil.

In this first video a very tired me talks about wandering around in Japan in my last full day and contrasts that to kind of the overall situation in my life. It’s interesting albeit you can really tell I’m tired and I’m not in my most articulate state – the idea is solid though. Check it out:

In my second video I come to you from Helsinki much later on that day. I’m still not very articulate in this, perhaps you can tell of my elevated nervousness levels due to being in “kind of” my old environment, but again I communicate solid ideas – nothing new, but important core lessons everyone should take note of that always are worth reminding of. Check it out:

I’m overall happy with how I ended this trip with these videos, and of course Japan trip as a whole is a raging success. I’m sad that it has ended, but there will be new and awesome adventures ahead of me.

Anything to comment… well, you know what to do.

Japan Day 18 – Thank Yous

My trip is winding down. Last full day is drawing its final breath. I do some minor reflecting on this video and go through a bunch of people who made this trip possible for me… however, the video is kinda ruined. I think either my mic was poorly plugged, or it is broken, cause the video has background static.

Nothing I can do about it though. Will see for tomorrow’s video, final one from Japan, if the mic indeed is crooked or if I was just careless. I think the thanks can be heard anyway through the static, though it obviously sucks.

So yeah, thanks for all involved, all I hope is that I didn’t forget anyone. In any case, Japan has been an enjoyable experience, and I will surely be reflecting on it for a long time in my future posts.

Japan Day 17: Taking Action Enables Growth

Seems like videos with simple message tend to be the best ones – this definitely has very simple message, but it’s one of my better videos.

I think the video covers the simple concept well and I don’t really have anything to add.

Japan Day 16 – Recapping Improvement So Far

Today’s video is a bit different from what it’s been so far. Check it out:

So yeah, I was super duper tired during this one so it’s a no wonder I’m a bit slow in delivery, as well as even more meandering than usual.

I also decided to deviate from my usual video format. No music this time. I felt this one was better one, just sorta fits the atmosphere. The ending is a bunch of clips from my transit to Osaka.

But in a nutshell, things that really have improved:

  • I’m much more comfortable doing videos in front of people.
  • I know myself much better.
  • I feel more at ease and trust in my faculties to deal with issues when they come.
  • I’m more okay with myself in general.
  • I’ve discovered resources in myself that I didn’t know existed.

Things that still have a lot to improve:

  • I’m still very introverted and shy. I don’t talk much. I get locked up.
  • I still take the path of least resistance too often.

It sure has been intense experience, and there’s still some left, though at this point things are going by their own weight. I’m kind of sad to be leaving Japan behind soon.

Tell me what you thought of the video, and we will see again tomorrow.

Japan Day 15: Shibuya Climax – Go For What You Want, No Excuses!

I have been waiting for this Shibuya video for a long time. It was the best video I’ve done so far as I hoped it would be. Check it out below – I think the end shot is beautiful, even if you think my talking is bullshit.

Improvement, huh? Especially considering I was in front of a lot of people, some even stopping to watch at me – which you don’t see in the angle. In fact angle makes it seem like I’m kinda far from the action, when in reality I was of course out of the way of people but still in a somewhat central place. It was the public speaking “final boss” I beat with flying colors.

So what to add to that? I don’t think there’s much to add, though I’d want to create a great post to go along with this video, video that I consider the climax point of the trip and especially this video doing project. There’s still videos from Osaka to be done, and who knows, maybe I bust out some masterpiece out of nowhere, but we will see. But I won’t be writing a post – I’m still running heavy, heavy sleep deprivation that has kept accummulating during the journey and in fact am writing this at 2 am. – and I’m going to get up at around 7 tomorrow. Another under 5 hour sleep, it seems.

Now its your turn. What have you wanted to do and how you are going to make it happen? There literally exists no excuses if 24-year-old broke weirdo like me can do this awesome shit. Share your thoughts in the comments.

Japan Day 14: Relationship Advice From A Dysfunctional Loner

Today’s video is lenghthy and meandering, latter being common case anyway in my videos, but I think I communicate a solid concept here so I think I for once might have created something worthwhile.

I know I’m not the most qualified person to talk about this kind of subject but it’s just some thinking that’s been going through my mind. My few relationships are one of most important things to me so whenever I make a mistake relating to them, I always introspect heavily and wonder what would have been a better course of action.

But the more I experience, the more I find that we always knew the right action anyways. But for some reason, we lashed out at someone. Or acted jerkishly. Or whatever. There probably are a whole multitude of reasons in reality, but vast majority of cases falls under this whole pain paradigm. It’s an interesting thing to start observing in yourself. I’m sure you have noticed yourself sometimes just getting into bad mood for whatever reason, and then wanting to rub your friend/family member/significant other – who just happens to be there – in a wrong way. Perhaps in your mind, at that moment, you are attributing the blame to him/her, for your bad mood (when in reality our emotions, for 99 % of the time anyway, is fully in our own control).

I have noticed this pattern many times during my times in Japan, while travelling with my girlfriend around the land. On logical level people have rarely severe conflicts, but when emotional pain is mixed in, whatever the source, it poisons the relationships from inside out.

Awareness cures this already a lot. Staying in control of your emotions is another thing that really helps. This will already avoid severe dysfuntions on 95 % of the time. Just realizing when you have “triggered” and either taking a moment to calm down (if possible) or voicing it so that others know will at least make sure you won’t spread your toxic energy around.

When you know you have triggered, it is much harder to lash out, or act out of emotion, cause you no longer have excuses. You know you’re not in a good state. That doesn’t mean always that you’ve avoided any altercations, since emotions have often a lot of momentum behind them – especially if you are as dysfunctional person as me for instance. But it will avoid some.

I say that this triggered version is not the real you. And it’s not. The real you, no matter who you are, is a happy guy/girl. Seriously, I know. I’m a fucking black metal listening, cursing, stubborn, angry, lonely Finnish man. Yet I know that the “real me” is a happy guy. However, some people are in a triggered state 24/7 without even realizing it – for them it’s just matter of triggering in a worse way. Avoiding fights, arguments, tension, etc. with them is very hard, it’s often just a matter of learning to live with the constant level of some tension and maintaining your own calmness while at it. They are not the best people to be around consistently cause they easily pull you into their toxic energy.

Even with more even-keeled people, it’s really hard to completely avoid things tensing up at times. Realizing that in the end it’s just emotional response, not someones true opinion will help dissolve the situations. Again, for those constantly triggered people these emotional responses are their “real” opinion, at least real in a sense that they don’t have any other.

For me, when I get triggered I say stupid, wrong shit. Once I’ve calmed down I just think “what the hell I said that thing for?”

I don’t know if that’s the case for you, but in many cases, it might be.

Make sense? Tell me in the comments.

Japan Day 13: Stubborness

Let’s delve right into the video, shall we?

I actually think this is one of my better videos. I was in a no-nonsense state of mind after having to deal with the staff around the shrine. They came to demand me to not use the tripod, which is common practice in public places. I wasn’t going to roll over that easy, though. I asked “Why?” and my body language probably tell the guy “I dare you to remove me by force.” So the guy explained something about how people may trip to the tripod. WTF? I wasn’t even on the walkway and it was in plain sight. The guy half-assedly tried to tell me that it would be unfair to let me use it here when others can’t use anywhere.

I just stood there. Looked blankly at the guy. “I won’t budge”, my expression told him. “Fine, just be quick with it”, he finally said. People hate confrontation.

So anyway, that anecdote demonstrates my stubborness fine, and like I said, its a good video. One of the few who stands alone pretty well without needing much explaining.

Day thirteen wasn’t all roses in any sense, since I actually fought with my gf. Something good came out of it though, and I’m going to talk about it in my tomorrow’s video. Stay tuned.

Japan Day 12: Jarkko’s Adventure Approaches Climax

Today’s video was about as meandering as my videos lately have tended to be. Like I tell in the video, I’m really going to put in effort to have the best videos bombed over the coming days as I hit the climax of the trip in Tokyo. Here’s my first, mediocre update from Tokyo:

Comfort zone shift is of course massive from forest walls of Finland to hordes of people in Tokyo. But like I said, I’ve had time to shift into Japanese culture and the cultural shift in the end is what is more drastic change than just the density of people concentrated on same area. Not to mention the forced communication with people.

Speaking of which, its time for me to head out to meet up with my tonight’s host. Hope it will be another positive experience. See you again tomorrow.

Japan Days 10 and 11: Phases of Getting Used to Travel and Travel & Ego

Phases of Getting Used to Travel

…and to lesser extent on other things as well.

The deer distracted me a lot so it was a challenging video to make. I could have done a worse job though. In the end my delivery was a bit scattered but that seems to have been the standard for me.

So lets put the phases of getting used to travel in a written, more clearer format.

1. Initial shock

For me, cortisol levels hike to massive levels cause you can’t just take it easy. Meanwhile you can’t even sleep cause your mind is so caught up in future projection of the environment your mind perceives as threatening. Remember, our minds are designed to make us survive, so they try to keep the status quo, where you remain fed and alive – you mind doesn’t give a shit if its unhappy – its going to make you more unhappy if you try to change it.

2. Recovery

You’re still uncomfortable, but increasingly find your way in new routine. Hard moments come every day, and you might still struggle to sleep, but it’s getting easier day by day. This phase lasts few days.

3. Acclimation

Smoothly recovery turns to acclimation where the discomfort level decreases and you get used to the new reality. You still need to put effort to maintain good state of mind, but it’s easier now. You still long for your old reality. I’m in this phase currently. Usually it happens during start of the second week for me.

4. Life

Once you go probably months with this new way of living, it becomes your new mode of being and it becomes easier to stay in it than return to your old mode. This might take months, might take even years. Hard to know exactly as I’ve never experienced it – this is where it turns into just my contemplation, instead of experience speaking.’

But there you go, those are the phases you ought to expect if you embark on a this kind of challenge. Try it out for yourself and tell me if your experience corresponds with mine.

Travel & Ego

I don’t think this one needs much addition. I was somewhat clear for once. People turn travel in a form of self-enhancement. Just like buying expensive cars, property, having designer clothes… whatever. These people should be forced to watch Fight Club Clockwork Orange style until their brain has been reconditioned to realize that they are not their fucking khakis, nor any of their belongings, or even any of their travel experiences.

Tell me what you think in the comments!

Japan Days 8 and 9: Cyclical Nature of Life and Importance of Relaxation

As I said in my previous post, I was mostly out of the internet lately. Today my travels has brought me to hotel in Nara (decided to delve out in the end, even though it does put a major strain on my overall budget), where I can finally in peace piece out the vids and upload them.

So let’s delve right into it, shall we?

Cyclical Nature of Life

I am not fully happy about this video, I’m very meandering and scattered in my delivery.

What I was trying to get to was the simple concept of thinking each day as a blank slate, where you have to earn your awesomeness every day. Cause think about it, which one makes you feel more awesome: you pulling off some intense stretch of effort to complete some achievement, or getting massage and relaxing all day? Both are great, sure, but you will certainly feel better after the first one.

But there is no lasting happiness to be found in either. You will have to do the effort consistently to keep that accomplished feeling (and to actually complete things – completing them once in a while won’t be enough. I like framing it like I expressed it “earning your awesomeness”. I should probably do more refined video about it in the future.

Importance of Relaxation

I was very relaxed indeed in this video. One of my better ones. I actually make sense for once. So the gist of it is that you shouldn’t play games, watch tv, etc. to relax. Not to say they are completely useless in that regard, but actively relaxing instead of just giving brain another proverbial bone to chew on might be better approach.

Actually on the day of the video I wondered about what would happen if you’d spend like a week doing nothing else but relaxation activities – like meditate, get massaged then, stretch, do some yoga, meditate again, onsen bath… I wonder what would happen after that. Maybe you’d just start feeling like a slouch, or maybe your body would be so empty of cortisol you’d feel good. Gotta try it at some point in the future. If anyone has done anything like that, tell me what it made you feel like, I’m seriously curious.

Let me know what you thought of these videos. I’m gonna hit another two videos out tomorrow if everything goes according to plan.

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