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Relaunching IndieGoGo Campaign

After the initial campaign failing to raise any money, I had had enough reality shoved up my ass to realize I had to change things. One of the things I wasn’t really happy about was the video I did – so here I am relaunching the campaign with hopefully better videos and perks. Check out the video:

Would you agree with me its an improvement? The campaign itself can be found here.

I would hope for a small contribution from the readers of this blog – unless I get some donations during the first couple of days the campaign won’t be visible when browsing the IndieGoGo site – I don’t know how much this would detriment my chances, but odds of raising the money are heavily stacked against me anyway so I want to do anything I can to improve my chances. Just take up on that 2 € perk and you will be helping me a lot already!

Whole January will be hustle regarding this thing – I want to push my story as much as possible and make this shit happen.

Now the whole funds situation…

As you know, my initial aim was to have a 5000 € budget for this trip – now I’m basically facing the situation that I have to somehow make it happen with under 2000 €! I decided to use Sergio’s advice to Couchsurf, which will really slash down on the accommodation bill but let’s be real here, Japan is expensive!

As of now I have just about enough money to cover for flight ticket and a rail pass, and have a little to spare. But the thing is… I gotta eat too! Not to mention random expenses like getting adapters that fit the weird voltages there. That’s why I really need for this campaign to succeed. I want to have some breathing space!

So if you have liked my stuff at all, please do help, you will get videos from a happier guy towards the back end of the Japan trip when I don’t have to be doing constant fasting.

Speaking of fasting, I’m gonna start the year 2013 with a 48-hour fast, just to clear out the junk food in my system.

Please do tell what you think of this whole campaign in the comments!

Looking Back at Year 2012

Last month of the year 2012 was pretty much failure on my part. I decided to take the foot off the pedal and relax a little bit and this resulted in me losing my routine completely. But nothing to worry about, I’ll soon be back in the full swing.

Taking it easy did give me some time to reflect on 2012, which was definitely the best year of my life so far. That’s not to say I’m not aiming for even higher for 2013, but all in all 2012 was excellent for me.

The truly life-changing event happened early on in the year when I got contacted from Malaysia. One of my biggest (unspoken) goal of the year was to get myself out of the country and out of my comfort zone, and this was exactly what happened when I traveled 10 000 kilometres away from home. The introverted, anti-social and dysfunctional kid that I was then truly got his brains scrambled! Then again, I’m still that same kid, not to same extent though. You could look up the video I did before the Malaysia trip and just see how much I have externally changed just viewing the videos – but even more vast has been the internal change, trust me.

It was incredibly fun, intense and sometimes uncomfortable experience, but one that truly set the year in motion. With the momentum I got from that I finally started this blog and while this still is very much a work in progress, I’m happy to finally have at least some kind of web presence. What followed then was me desperately trying to build an online lifestyle and while I failed most of my goals for the year, I’m still very happy with how the things overall panned out.

Towards the back end of the year I finally pushed out my first ever Kindle book, Healthy Eating, which never hit the obscene and unrealistic sales goal of thousand sales a month, but still has sold satisfying 27 copies in the first month, and earned me nearly 100 bucks in royalties. Another eye-opening thing that gives me some life-momentum.

Lastly the niche site I made and SEO’d to rank top-5 in its search term early in the year to fund my Malaysian trip (which it failed to do), had earned me 200 dollars over the course of the year in affiliate sales – again not life-changing, but it’s a start and proof I can do it.

Finally I can tell that 2012 saw me soar in the best physical fitness I’ve been in my life. Of course I am now 24 and in my physical prime so that’s just doing what’s expected, but so many people are not in the best shape of their life in this age – too many really. At the moment of course my fitness has plummeted a bit, but it does that always in winter and I’m not worried about it.

Goals I Set For 2012

I didn’t have this blog yet in start of 2012, yet I made some public goals for 2012 before the year in my own, small Finnish forum. Here’s what I aimed for and the results of it:

Daily meditation

Ultimately I didn’t achieve this one. I had sporadic periods where I did meditate daily, but at best it lasted a bit over a month and I couldn’t sustain it.

Writing three hours every day

I came nowhere close to succeeding in this, but my work ethic did improve over the year. Still, I didn’t even average an hour of writing per day over the year, let alone three.

Stopping eating junk food

I’ve had something of a binge lately, but overall looking at the year this was a success. I ate generally very good foods all year.

Reading an hour every day

If I counted sporadic blog reading, maybe this could be met, but as I don’t, I didn’t achieve this. I read decent amounts, more than I’ve read any year since school, and end the year with 15 read books – that’s a bit over one a month.

Exercising every day

I would say I achieved this. Yes, there was periods where I didn’t exercise daily, but for most of the year I was keeping a daily habit and lately my over 160 day streak of working out at least 20 minutes a day was broken – today I started a new one, hope it doesn’t break before June…

Playing less games

I used to be a compulsive gamer. Guess that’s partially the reason for my socially dysfunctional nature. You don’t develop social skills sitting at your computer playing games! But I did achieve this much more that I even believed I would. Between 2008 and 2011 I averaged a whopping three hours of gaming a day. This year I think I averaged an hour a day. Still quite a lot perhaps for some people, but hey, I like that shit, and it’s still a distinct decrease. Another success.

Getting up at nine every day

Not a success. My sleeping patterns are something that have no stability.

Writing a dream journal daily

This stems from my interest in dreams and lucid dreaming – not a success, but lately I’m on a streak.

Biggest Successes and Failures of 2012

Last year I wrote my top-3 successes and failures in my personal forum, so now I’m gonna do the same here from past year.

Top-3 Successes

  1. Spending a month in Malaysia
  2. Writing a book and publishing it on Kindle
  3. Building a niche site, ranking it on Google and making some money off it

Would I have ever believed I would have done all that – and more – in just one year? No way, not the guy I was in January. I was in such dire situation that my biggest success in 2011 had been my football season, and I don’t even play in a team, just recreationally with bunch of people. Last summer was a lot better for me in that regard and still it doesn’t make the top-3, just to further emphasize the contrast of the years.

But of course, there was failures in my year as well, and they need to be acknowledged too.

Top-3 Failures

  1. Failing in my 5000 € in 5 months challenge and thus failing the funding of the coming Japan trip
  2. Failing to fully capitalize on  the SEO success of my niche site.
  3. Not posting to the blog often enough.

I kind of had tough time coming up with failures – cause while there were a lot of them and I acknowledge that, it’s not like most of them were anything major. Of course the continuous failure to meet my income targets is one big problem of my life and that’s something I really intend to attack in the 2013.

Year 2012 in Numbers

As you know, I use Joe’s Goals to track my habits, which means that now at the end of the year I have a lot of different stats about to year at my fingertips – so why not share them?

I wrote fiction 206.5 hours. This means an average of 0.56 hours a day. Quite some way off the 3 hour average I targeted, but still my best ever total for a year.

203 hours of “high-value work” – this means stuff like research for book, all kinds of non-fiction, work on sites, all that kind of stuff – again averaging about 0.55 hours a day. The numbers are exposing the illusion of me as a hard worker.

I had 10 lucid dreams. This is pretty pathetic number as I had about 60 the first year I was getting into that stuff. I don’t know what has happened that they are so elusive for me.

I did 336 hours of “grind” work. This is the kind of stuff that is not really high-value, but has to be done by someone. Think of washing dishes, doing manual labor helping dad, etc. I’m actually quite surprised to see this high number, not that it’s actually particularly high.

I exercised for 120 hours, and stretched for another 98. Both averages bit under 20 minutes a day.

I read 116.5 hours all year. Again, this not counting sporadic blog reading, just actually sitting down and reading something.

I played 134 hours of football. Might sound high number for you but actually comparably to my recent years it’s a very low number. I had my focus shifted a bit elsewhere, which is good given I’m not gonna be a professional footballer any more :)

I played games for 389 hours, 1.06 hours on average per day. It’s kinda sad to see this number whip stuff like writing, but as I said earlier, it’s already much lower than it used to be.

So there we go. Time to bid farewell to the year 2012 – we had some good times, and it’s a year I will look back to fondly. But time goes on, and 2013 is already starting - let’s make this the best years of our lives!


How I’m Going To Set Goals for 2013

As the year is winding down, so am I. I’m already reflecting the past year, the choices I made, and where to move on from here on.

One of the hardest things about being your own boss is that you have to make your own decisions. It’s much easier when someone just flat out comes at you and tells you what to do and then you oblige. I have been wondering where to focus on next. You would think I am clear on it, but no.

No, I’m not. I read on Twitter earlier today a tweet where the guy advised that you should make less commitments, stick to them and build a habit out of sticking to your commitments. That resonated very true to me, and made me realize how I’m not living up to that advice.

I made a lot of commitments this year. Most of them, unsurprisingly, failed. You need focus to achieve any big goals. If you have too many focuses, your effort will be spread too thin and you struggle to make impact anywhere. That has been the case for me for years.

I know now what to do when I set goals for 2012. I am going to take a long and hard look at my current commitments and weed them out ruthlessly.  I need to create more blank space – that will then be filled with the main commitments. So my main point in setting the goals for next year is actually get rid of as much of the “clutter commitments” as possible.

Take a good hard look at everything you do. Is it important? Is it reasonable?  Something you’re passionate with? If not, weed it out. You want your life filled with things that are important to you and that make you fire. 

Do you have a tendency to commit to too many things at once? What commitments are you gonna drop for 2013? Share in the comments.

I will share mine in a coming blog post at the very end of the year.

Starting an IndieGoGo fundraiser

It might be only bit over 2 weeks since I published my new book on Kindle, but for me that’s already become old news. My focus has already shifted.

To what, you might ask. To Japan.

I already told about my plans to go to Japan in a post few months ago. However, since then not everything has gone according to plan. Nope,  I’m way behind on funding of the project and time is running out, given I have to land to Japan by February 1st.

So I’m turning to crowdsourcing for funding. Check out my video below:

Alright, I hope that was informative and explained to you at least a bit what I’m trying to do. If you got interested, go to my IndieGoGo page and make a contribution! It will be a big deal for me if I make this happen. Any other help, such as shares, etc. will be greatly appreciated as well.

Why Should You Contribute?

There’s a lot of talk about introversion in the media lately, at least from what I’ve seen. The understanding and awareness of traits that introvert people have has been growing – which is a great thing. But at the same time, is it really changing our lives as introverts? Nope, which is why I aim to show an example of how to properly deal with it and make a change.

Travel for me is an excellent tool for personal growth. I experienced massive mental shifts already in Malaysia and I am certain Japan will be that same. This is exactly what more introverted (and especially shy) people should do! If you are hard case like I was, plunging completely out of your comfort zone might be the best way to rewire your brain.

Instead of expecting understanding from others, you are training your social stamina and improving your social skills.

Introversion should just be an advantage. It’s amazing to be able to just sit alone in a room and have a good time. I know, crazy, huh? But at the same time I don’t think society should be forcing us into the mould that we need quiet time. I personally want to learn out of that disadvantage.

Being alone or maybe with few of my best friends will always be the natural environment to me – but at the same time I want to train my brain to handle being around complete strangers and sustain it over longer periods of time.

Again, that is what the Japan trip will do to me. It might also do some other, unexpected things. I won’t know until it happens. And it won’t happen if enough people won’t contribute.  All I know is that the videos and blog posts I will make from there, providing insights and telling what’s going on around me and even more so WITHIN ME will be extremely interesting.

This is something that every introvert should look for. And if you’re not convinced of travel’s benefits of this, contribute and we will see what happens to me during the 18 days.

Will you contribute? Will it be via donation, share, or some other way? If you choose not to, please tell me why below. I enjoy getting feedback.

How to Eat Real Food

Real FoodBecoming Healthy Post Series

1. Exercising Every Day

2. Getting Enough Protein

3. Improving Sleep Quality

4. Eating Real Food (This)

How to Eat Real Food

When was the last time you ate real food?

No, I mean real food. Food made from pure, natural ingredients.

Well, the closest you can get these days is something that’s cooked from all-organic ingredients from start to finish. When was the last time you had a meal like that? Some health nuts/hippies might say recently, but most of you will say that it’s been a while / not ever.

Even if you cook your food from basic ingredients, if it’s not organic, it’s loaded up with pesticides and other stuff that’s not so good for you. Yes, you would be lot better off than eating something that comes out of a package, but it still doesn’t count as a real food, not in a way your grandparents knew it, at least. So what I’m saying here? Go all-organic? Well by means, if it’s possible and practical for you, do that shit! If not… Well, you should eat organic at least some of the time. And most of my readers will probably go to the latter category. Personally my dream is to go all-organic at some point of my life, but that the moment that’s simply not possible.

Three Levels of Food Sources

1. All organic food, real food. Closest to what your grandparents ate. Regardless of what it is, it being free of all processing makes it behave in your body the way it should. Of course nothing is free of chemicals in that day and age, but going all-organic means you will only get the trace amounts that are everywhere anyway. It is the cleanest alternative around.

2. Cooking food from basic ingredients that are non-organic. You still expose yourself to all kinds of stuff like pesticides and stuff like antibiotics from animals products you eat, but you would be already well ahead of the pack if you ate only food from this category. I think it’s fair to say that you could lead a healthy life eating only food from this bracket. That said you would still be ingesting some additives and it definitely would not be the best possible thing for you.

3. Packaged food from grocery store. All kinds of ready made foods that come out of a package, think of convenience foods, all kinds of crap treats, sweets and snacks… etc. Also fast food and the like goes under this category. This is the bottom of the barrel and should be avoided at all costs. I wouldn’t even call it food, it’s sufficed to call it crap. Basically, processed crap.

So what should you do? I’ll recommend the same I recommend within my book, Healthy Eating: Start eating organic occasionally.

You want to cut all level three foods from your diet, at least for most of the time. Let’s face it, most of that crap tastes good. I eat some of it too. Hell, I binge on it at times. But for most of the time I steer clear from it. If you maintain level 2 most of the time and have level 1 good amount of the time, you can succumb to level 3 on rare occasion. Eating organic is the simplest diet hack you can do.

Do the decision to start eating more organic food today. Your body will thank you. Now, of course there is a whole world to eating healthy food, but that’s why there is my book, Healthy Eating. You don’t need to buy my book to make great strides towards better health. Just implement the four guidelines I give in these four posts and you will already see a significant shift. Then once you know that I’m not bullshitting you, feel free to come back to get my book as well for further instructions.

Hope you enjoyed this series of posts, as usual do share what you thought! I’m gonna get back to usual business soon which means not so much health information. Though don’t forget it’s awesome to be fit.

Improving Sleep Quality

Improving Sleep Quality

You should do more of this.

Becoming Healthy Post Series

1. Exercising Every Day

2. Getting Enough Protein

3. Improving Sleep Quality (This post)

4. Eating Real Food

Improving Sleep Quality

You can add years to your life by sleeping properly. It also makes your every day life feel better, so who would be crazy enough to neglect it?

Well, pretty much everyone. It’s a rarity indeed to find someone who consistently sleeps well.

While my book is largely about diet, there’s a massive impact things like exercising and sleep have on your health. So we are going to get into improving sleep quality next, cause for many people that is a big one to correct.

I’m not gonna get into the whole “go to bed early and get up early, regularly every day” preach here. I did already enough of that in the section that was dedicated to sleep in my book. That is the goal of course, but for most people that’s just gonna be a pie-in-the-sky dream. I don’t really think that, but most people themselves would quickly dismiss the whole idea of going to sleep early and getting up early every day, so I’m simply gonna give my tips to improve your sleep regardless of the time you sleep.

At least do these steps to improve your sleep quality:

  1. Shut down computers etc. some time before you go to bed. An hour before would be the best, but at least do it some time before heading down to bed. Give your body some time to calm down.
  2. Sleep in a dark room. The darker you can get, the better.
  3. Take magnesium before you go to bed. This will improve your sleep quality.

There’s of course a whole world to sleep itself, but by simply following these three steps you will see an improvement to your sleep. Again, this is not some stuff that you needed to hear from me – it’s very common knowledge that the previous three tips lead to improved sleep. Yet why are so many not following them?

Well first off, people are just impatient and would rather use their devices until they get tired. Which happens later than it otherwise would due to the said devices.

Also, it’s rare that we sleep in dark rooms any more. Whether it’s because we sleep in so late, have so many devices producing artificial light, or just being in a City where some light seeps in through the windows, our sleep quality is affected by the light.

Lastly we definitely don’t get magnesium enough from our food.

So take care of those three. Make an effort to make your sleeping space darker. Get some magnesium supplement. Any will do, as long as it’s not magnesium oxide. Check my book for more accurate info about magnesium supplements. Go to sleep a bit earlier.

I swear if you do each of these every day you will feel better very quickly.

Do you sleep enough? If not, how do you intend to take care of it?

My book price is going up in few hours, so last call to get it for $2.99!

The Importance of Protein

Becoming Healthy Post Series

1. Exercising Every Day

2. Getting Enough Protein (this post)

The Importance of Protein

I’ve been telling people about importance of eating protein in my book, in the sales copy of it and probably in some other places I’ve already forgotten. But it is a really important thing, much more important than you probably even realize.

When I started doing research for my book, I already was eating a lot of protein. Why? Cause I thought it would increase my muscle mass and that was what I was trying to do. Well, I’ve probably gained some muscle mass since that day, but I’ve also realized that eating plenty of protein maintains health in much more ways than just by increasing muscle mass.

It’s the ultimate raw material for body regeneration, not just for muscle tissue, but also for other tissues like joints and it also is needed for in liver for cleaning up your body. That’s just scratching the surface, but the point is this: you need a lot of protein from your diet.

Protein Should Be a Part of Every Meal

What exactly is the right amount of protein to have every day? Frankly it’s impossible to say exactly . It also depends what are your goals. I recommend in my book at least 100 grams for everyone, preferably closer to 150 grams for men, but I give some alternative recommendations as well in my book.

I recommend you find out your own good level by incrementally increasing your intake. When you start gaining some muscle mass, that should be the right amount for you, at least for the moment.

People in general aren’t eating this much protein, for a number of reasons. Main reason for this is that people are filling up their stomach with carbs, which, ironically, aren’t even as satiating as protein-heavy foods would be.

Luckily making the change for the better isn’t hard. Protein-heavy foods like meat, fish, cheeses, nuts and seeds offer a wide-range to pick from and they have something that’s good-tasting for everyone. In addition to this, there’s a lot of good-tasting protein powders available these day. Now I’m not advising you to go down the supplementation road, I always prefer real food, but for some people it’s perfectly reasonable to use protein powders as a significant protein source. I touch on this with more detail in my book.

Biggest problem in this of course is that you can’t exactly know how much protein the food you eat has, and certainly constantly counting it to make sure you reach your limit would get tiring after a while.

Here’s how I solved it. I started to have my protein as a 25 g increments, and just found out how much roughly that 25 grams of protein is of the foods I generally eat. From there on, I just went with gut feeling and tried to make up 4 of these increments every day (I only aimed for 100 grams initially).

Simplest way to solve this protein issue is of course simply to have plenty of protein on every meal.

Eating a lot of protein and having it on every meal will lead to increased satiety and thus weight loss if you are overweight. On the other hand, if you are skinny, increasing protein intake might cause you to put on some muscle mass.

The very least I’m telling you to do after reading this is to follow your protein intake for couple of days and really look into how much of it you are roughly ingesting every day. For me doing this was quite an eye-opener and led to the earlier-described change; I was only eating about 40 grams of protein on regular days. No wonder I was a skinny bastard (still am, but slightly less scrawny skinny bastard). Even if you have zero desire to get more muscular, you will increase your energy levels and overall health by upping your protein intake.

So that’s what should be your takeaway from this article. Add the protein, that will naturally decrease your carb load as you will be sated with less food.

How much protein you eat? What’s your favorite source of protein? Share your thoughts below.

This is of course only scratching the surface, and my book will have much more information regarding how to eat healthy…

TODAY IS THE LAST DAY OF MY BOOK’S $2.99 SALE! After today the price will go up. So act fast!

Dude, You Should Exercise Every Day

Exercise Every Day!

You don’t need fancy equipment to exercise every day…

Whoa, I’ve been busy! Certainly didn’t intend to be silent for a week! Anyway, my promised four post-series  about Becoming Healthy is going to be published here on this blog starting from this post, and I will post all of then during next couple of days up here. My book’s price will be at the low $2.99 for only until 10th of December, after that it’s going to go up. So go get it now, before it’s too late!

Becoming Healthy Post Series

My point with these four posts is to bring you the four most bang for your buck changes in lifestyle that lead into better life. They are, to some extent, derived from my new Healthy Eating Kindle book, but I also want them to offer value as a standalone articles, as well as to be valuable even for those who have already bought the book. So there is gonna be some overlap, but mostly it’s going to content that stands alone.

And don’t worry, I’m not gonna turn this into a health blog, it’s just a facet the grander scheme of things. I’m gonna post up an index of other posts of same series here once I’ve published them. Let’s get into the first article of the series:

Dude, You Should Exercise Every Day!

Sedentary lifestyle is has become an epidemic problem for people all over the world. Our bodies, created to move, are planted in front of the computer all day, either from work reasons, or just us nerds wanting to spend time with our dear devices.

You don’t need me to tell this. It’s been beaten to death, the whole subject. Everyone should move. We should at least exercise, preferably have an active lifestyle as well, with lot of walking and physical exertion involved. Well, if you know it, then why aren’t you doing it?

*Insert an uproar of bullshit excuses*

“Waawaa I’m too busy, I don’t have the time, Waawaa…”
No, that’s not it. You really would have time to exercise. I just saw you watching TV, you don’t think that time could have been used to exercise? What’s that you’re having open on the other tab, lolcats? Yeah, I guess you get my point that it’s not time that’s lacking.

The Real Reason You Are Not Exercising

Anyone who has followed me for longer than two days knows that I’m an advocate of building consistent habits out of the everything you would want to do. That is the reason I’m writing every day, for example.

How did I solve this exercise problem? You don’t need to ask, you can guess it. Very easily: I just decided to start exercising every day.

Now before you start spouting off your excuses on why you can’t do it, about your lack of time and resources and blahblahblah (I really care), let me tell you why most people simply fail in this.

They might make the decision, but because it’s not fully committed and/or is not implemented daily (for example they plan to work out 5 days a week instead of all seven), it all comes down pretty quickly.

How to Fully Commit to Exercise

To never miss a workout again, you need to really make a hardcore commitment with yourself, especially if you’re busy. And I know there is some people out there that truly are busy. That really have 80-hour workweeks and bunch of other commitments as well. But for your health, you have to make that time to work out.

So whatever is the case, be realistic about it and respect it. If all you have for working out is five minutes, then that’s the boundary you are gonna set. “I will work out at least five minutes every day.”

Start small, that’s how I did it. I started with minimum of ten minutes. On days I had more time, I would of course do longer workouts too, but I at least did the ten minutes every day. If you only have five minutes, fine, hit that five minutes hard every day and I guarantee you you are gonna be better off than just looking at lolcats for that spare five minutes.

You might also find out that you indeed have much more than five minutes to workout after all.

The Power of Exercising Every Day

Only chance I could miss a workout day by now would be that I fall sick. Why? Cause it has become so ingrained habit for me. I always have in my mind when I have and haven’t done my workout. That’s why I believe working out should be a daily endeavor. Establishing it into a daily habit just makes it easier to keep up with. If you work out only some days of the week, it’s always gonna kill off some of the momentum when you have off-day.

Now of course I’m not telling you to go to gym and hitting heavy weights hard every day. If you’re not very healthy even a walk could constitute a workout. Find a way of exercise that’s pleasant for you.

Everyone, even the busiest have the time for working out. Hell, if even Richard Branson has time to workout, how could you not? In fact Branson accredited to working out the fact that he has time to work on all of his hundreds of businesses. Working out makes you more energetic anyway, in addition to improving your health, so get off your butt and make that commitment. At least for that five minutes a day, at least for the next 30 days. Who knows what happens after that, all I’m asking you is that.

Have you tried to establish exercising habit before? What problems did you face? Did you succeed? Share your stories in the comments! Also I’d be glad to hear your guesses at how many days in a row I have worked out for.

If you take on the challenge of starting daily exercise, it might be a good time to revamp your whole health now – my new book, Healthy Eating, provides an excellent blueprint for doing just that! And as I said, the $2.99 is going to run out soon, so this is your last chance to spare over five dollars on it.

Healthy Eating: Opening Day Downloads

Healthy Eating

What’s up? My book’s “opening” day went relatively well – I received 198 downloads altogether, didn’t quite break the 200 mark, but I’m relatively happy that I managed even that number with the limited platform I have. Early signs don’t point to sales picking up well though – might be that I fall quite the way short from my original goal. Still, like I said, I’m very satisfied with how it has gone so far. So to further promote my book, I’ll start writing a series of posts next week calling “Becoming Healthy”, where I focus on some points of my book and teach you some basic things.

I don’t intend to straight use the book’s material, but instead I’m gonna just write short on-point articles and then mention the book in the end as a source of further information. That said, they will be complete lessons as well that are gonna already add value on their own to your life. I don’t want to just push my book – I want people who got it already to benefit from the posts as well, and you not to need to get the book to implement the lessons.

That’s my goal, after all, to just provide insane value for people. Sure, I want to charge money for it every now and then, but it’s only fair given I have to eat, and I have other dreams for my life than just sit at a keyboard – but I still do enjoy giving value much more than getting it.

So in the end even if no-one of the 198 free downloads does anything to help my book to spread, if even one of them sees their life change for the better for reading it, I’m happy.

There’s always the perspective that if I only did this for money, I’d be despairing right now with low sales and fearing all my effort went to waste. It didn’t. I did some good shit here, learned a few lessons, and maybe delivered some value to some people.

You do the things in your life just to do them, no to gain anything from them.

Jesus, I try to just post my opening day downloads and it turns into a whole philosophical preach. Guess I better end now.

If you grabbed a copy of the book, let me know in the comments, and if you already have some thoughts to say as feedback, don’t hesitate.

Oh, and Healthy Eating is still priced at only 99 cents, but that’s not gonna be there all week. Go grab your copy while it’s still practically free!

Looking forward to hearing from you all.