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Healthy Eating Live – And Free!

Healthy Eating

So, my book is finally available at Amazon, just in time to make it for official release date. Not only that, I’ve decided to lower the price from the initial starting point I thought… but that won’t matter cause you can get it for free tomorrow!

Grab your copy here.

So What’s Healthy Eating About?

It’s mostly what it says on the tin, nutritional information. I really worked hard to research for this, but as a perfectionist you afterwards always think you could have done even more.

Still, I’m very happy with what I managed to do. The book is 25 000 words long, which makes it nice balanced lenght – concise, but it still has plenty of good information, in fact everything I can even imagine you would need to achieve very healthy life indeed.

Of course most of my current audience isn’t exactly targeted for needing nutritional advice, but we will see what happens with this – I’m starting a hard marketing campaign from here on.


As I said, pricing is set lower than I initially thought, but it’s of course gonna get up over time.

For tomorrow the book is gonna be available for free. After that the price is gonna hike up to $0.99 for roughly couple of days, before going up to $2.99 and after a week to it’s final price $8.97.

I’m gonna finally price this pretty high cause Healthy Eating is a very comprehensive book. Short length adds to this as I believe best books are concise.

Is it gonna do well in the tough marketplace? Who knows, but I’m feeling kinda good about it.

Of course I hope all of my readers grab a free copy tomorrow and support me any way they can, by sharing the book in social media, etc. But whatever you feel the book merits.

Sales Goal

Now I have set an audacious sales goal. I have no platform, no name, no nothing, pretty much. I am not really even considered an authority in this niche. So I have no idea what to expect. My gut feeling is saying that maximum is something like 100 sales. But I’m not gonna aim that low. I’m aiming for what amount of sales I need. Yeah, NEED. And I need a lot.

1000 sales is my aim. Is that totally ridiculous and audacious? Yes!! Am I gonna add that goal to my list of failures that already extends very long… I think many of my readers still remember the failed 7 books in 7 days challenge…

But whatever, I still read 2 books that week, and I’m sure if I aim high this time too, even if I miss I will make a lot of sales cause I’m trying my hardest.

I wouldn’t be sorely disappointed if I fall short, but that does mean that I’ll miss trip to Japan with my girlfriend this February *sniffle at the thought*

Announcing Healthy Eating Ebook

announcing healthy eating

Molli just insists on bothering me always when I do videos. Should lock her up inside.

Alright, time for my big announcement. I am announcing a book! Took you by surprise, huh? I tell you more about it in the vid:

Interesting twist of events, huh?

Healthy Eating, My First Kindle Book

So might as well go over the things again considering I am not the greatest speaker, just to be sure everything got understood.

The book’s name is Healthy Eating, and it will be published on November 30th. Everyone on my mailing list before that will get a free copy, after that it’s going to launch with aprice of $2.99. Then the price is going to hike up to $8.97 after yet undecided period of time.

The book is already all written and ready. All I’m doing at this point is revising and polishing it.

As the name says, it’s about Healthy Eating. But who am I to tell people about healthy eating? Let alone when the book actually surpasses just eating and actually tells about turning your complete lifestyle into a healthier one.

I’ve had passive interest on nutrition and fitness for years now. I’d say since my teens, so for about a decade now. For writing this book, I actually spend probably around 100 hours doing research and then writing it. My aim was to condense the information down into an actionable format, something that in my opinion is lacking despite all the information available on web and on books. It’s a step-by-step blueprint for fixing your diet and whole lifestyle via slow and sustainable way, not some miracle magic pill quick fix fraud to swindle your money.

All the information is backed up by scientific evidence or at the very least strong anecdotal evidence. I didn’t create this book to be fraud – I actually attempted to create the best possible product I could.

I know that most of my readers aren’t here for nutritional information, but given you are going to get book for free if you subscribe, I wholeheartedly recommend you do so. Also given my marketing push that has to start from here and my site being the headquarters for it, the blog’s concentration will slightly shift to health information at least temporarily.

But that’s okay. Becoming healthy is part of becoming awesome (even if isn’t in my current logo), and being fat or unfit certainly isn’t awesome. So in that sense it still fits the wide theme of my site. I won’t be worrying too much about that.

Throw me feedback in the comments for the video or other general opinions!

Quit the Victim Mentality

This is gonna be a rant again – not so much against myself as usually. This time I’m just fed up with people not taking responsibility of their lives.

One of my main principles in life is the fact that you are the source of everything in your life. In other words, I take full responsibility of my life. If something is wrong, I might bitch and moan about it just as much as anyone, but ultimately I know that whatever the problem is, it stems from me, at least to the effect that I can remove the circumstance in my life.

Now of course, I know there is exceptions to this rule, like if you get paralyzed in a car accident on live healthily and still get cancer, etc. But even then you can still take responsibility of your life and in fact many people who face these massive and unfortunate adversities become the most awesome and inspiring people around.

How did these people turn such misfortune around? Simple: they weren’t little fucking bitches who dwell in “woe me” victim bullshit mentality but instead chose to work around the disadvantage.

Sure, there are things out of your control, but as soon as you acknowledge that in the end it always comes down to you, your victim mentality is obliterated.

Instead of blaming other people or circumstances for your situation, you start questioning your own behavior, seeing how to change it and then in turn starting to take action to change the unwanted circumstances.

Why would there be something you don’t want in your life? Ask yourself how you are causing unwanted things in your life and then start to take action to remove them.

Stop being a god damn victim and giving out bullshit excuses. You can change almost everything in your life and deep down you know it.

What unwanted things are you keeping in your life and why?


How to Not Be Angry at Anyone You Love

This is a bit off-the-wall post compared to my usual stuff, but read on.

My sis actually told me about this “method” or “trick” or way of seeing things.

When you are angry at someone close to you and important to you, it’s actually very easy emotion to dissolve.

As you notice yourself getting angry at that someone, take a moment to visualize something. I want you to visualize this person is dead and gone. Say she is in a car accident tonight and you will never get to talk to her again. Really imagine it, really immerse yourself in that situation.

Still feeling angry? I’ve tested this and even if you want to be angry at someone, it’s very hard after doing that mental exercise.

The point is this: We are all gonna be dead, very soon. Trust me, those few years you might have if you are lucky will fly by. Then you and everyone you love will be dead. I’m not trying to make you feel sad here. Simply pointing out the reality. So when everything is this fleeting, is there really point in being angry at anyone, doubly so if that someone is a person who you hold dear?

Life is too short for that shit.

Forget About Four-Hour Work Week

four-hour work week

I know this has nothing to do with four-hour work week. Or I guess that’s the idea of four-hour work week for most people.

I think many people aspiring for passive income have a flaw in their thinking. Or not just people aspiring for passive income – most of the people in general. I’m of course talking of the whole four-hour work week trend, or rather aspiration for it.

Instead of aspiring to work for four hours a week, how about aspiring to put in 80-hour workweeks? That’s difference between me and most people blogging about passive income on the internet. Instead of me trying to game the system to get away with working less, I’m trying work my way up to having the habits to actually pull of 80-hours workweeks without having external structures that force me to do that. That’s the point, after all? To become people of more value, not to become some slackers who just posted something to internet and siphon money off it.

Instead of aiming for four hours of work to spend rest of the time doing what I want, I WANT to start working 80 hours a week. Seriously, if I could, I’d now be working 80 hours a week. I simply don’t have the mental willpower muscles nor the habits built up yet to pull that off. I’m sure though that I will eventually.

Then again, I differ from most people in fundamental way. Most people aspire for a lot of free time to do fun stuff, and to consume. I aspire to create, create and then create some more. That’s the ultimate goal. Even now, most of my time is spent either 1) creating 2) maintentance (eating, fitness, etc.) 3) procrastinating on creating – not too much consuming taking up my time any more.

If I could hack to do 80 hours worth of work in 4 hours, sure, I’d be all for it. But guess what I would do for rest 76 hours? Work some more! Create more value for people. Put 20 of those 4-hour work weeks in. Think about that, would be pretty insane productivity.

This might sound absurd from a person who’s not managed many posts on the blog last month, and who’s lazy enough to just put kitten pictures on articles cause he just doesn’t bother with anything else, but that’s my genuine aspiration. Idea of being able to work 80 hours a week sounds exciting to me. But I don’t want to be externally forced to it – I know that’s torture – but instead internally driven to want to work and put value to the world for all I’m worth.

While I might not yet be able to put in 80-hour workweeks, I think I’ve gone above four at least lately. I have a big announcement coming up regarding what’s been on the works. On November 30th something huge happens!

Fuck You, Shut the Fuck Up, And Get to Work!


Unfair. They don’t have to get to work!

I’ve done my new schedule for three days now, and this morning the resistance is hitting me really hard. So instead of dwelling on it, I’m kickstarting my work-mode by writing a blog post. I really got to get to work again, to the real work – this blog is just a hobby at the moment.

The new schedule is working brilliantly, though of course I was using the alternate, weekend version of it. So overall the productivity of the day was lower, but it still ranked as high as #7 in my all-time best days. So I have now three days from this week in my all-time top ten most productive days – and I’m sure today will deliver the fourth. Gotta say that I’m glad. It’s funny that the same day I posted about my point system, Seth Godin wrote about proxies – that’s what the point system exactly is, a system to measure my productivity, proxy for something that really is more complicated to measure.

But it has not been a bed of roses. Working this much doesn’t come natural to me. I don’t know if it comes naturally to anyone… Well all my dad does is work, so guess it comes naturally to him? But even he doesn’t get up 7 every morning to work like a robot. That’s how I’ve felt at couple of moments during past few days.

Get to Work!

So at times I have to resort to a bit harder self-talk. During the second day I was approaching the end of my second work-mode, but there was still at least an hour to go, which as you probably know, feels like an eternity. I started thinking all of the other things I have to do – maybe I’ll post about them later on – and started feeling like I gotta shorten the work-mode in long-term to have enough time for other stuff.

It was just my mind in a rationalization cycle. My mind does that often. It usually ends up convincing itself that unfavorable, lazy action is the best when it obviously isn’t. So I dwell on my laziness a bit, before finally snapping out of it. I said to myself “Fuck you, shut the fuck up, get to work!” Then proceeded convincing myself that if I could manage it yesterday, why I couldn’t do it again today? I knew I was just not liking it cause it was hard and I wanted to take it easy on myself. But that’s not how growth happens. So I drudged along for the last hour, the progress was very slow cause I was still resisting it, and I was cluttered from working all day. Still, I put the time in.

Now granted, the evening work-mode has become more of a free-for-all. The five hours I have for breaks during the day is a bit tight to fit everything I need to do. So I usually cut back on the evening work-mode just to get everything else done. It’s possible, but I’m dragging my feet as it is and also I’m a very slow eater (like, slowest you’ll ever see), so the breaks REALLY could use more time.

But instead of caving in on my inner pressure, I’ll rather force myself to adapt. To become more efficient when dealing with rest of my life. We all have too little time. Deal with it, bitch.

Another counter-argument to working towards the end of work-cycles is the law of diminishing returns. My real productivity truly dips after couple of hours. But it’s again just a matter of lack of practice. My reasoning for stopping working therefore is that I would be more effective doing something else – which is true – but I won’t develop stamina to work effectively longer if I don’t drudge through those dips.

So in a nutshell, it makes sense to keep on working even if you don’t feel like it, cause you get more done and develop your capacity, not to forget discipline. And the way I get to work… Is by cursing at myself. Hey, I’m not telling you it works. But you can try calling yourself a little bitch next time you feel like not working and see it if works in kicking your ass into action.

Is that a healthy way of going about things? I don’t know, hard to say, you tell me what you think.

My Point System – Joe’s Goals

Joe's Goals

My score diagram for this year on Joe’s Goals – showing clearly that slowly my productivity has been improving over recent times. There’s break on April-May due to me being in Malaysia.

I’m gonna take a soft landing to work mode today and slam in a blog post first before doing anything else.

So yesterday was first day going with my new schedule. It went pretty well. The schedule has 8 hours of time designated for work mode, and I ended up working 5½ hours effectively. This might sound that I botched it up, but you have to remember that there is always losses of time. For first two cycles of work mode I followed the schedule exactly, if not by minute. My breakfast ran a little long but other than that I was just on time.

As for last work cycle… Well I eased my conditions and made that more or less optional. I couldn’t pull myself as effectively in the work mode as during other cycles, but I still practiced butt-in-chair and didn’t start dilly-dallying, so I’m happy even with that. What I’m not happy is staying up so late that I’m effectively sleep deprived now.

In any case, yesterday was only second time in my life where I breached 100 points in my point system.

My Point System

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. “What the hell is that?” Well, I measure my productivity via site called Joe’s Goals. It’s a simple site where you can set all kind of tasks and track how you do with them. I started using the site in a simple way in 2010, but as always when I do something, the system expanded like a cancer and soon there was a lot different tasks and variables to track. I ended up refining the system and now I have found a set way of using it, that’s tracking my productivity effectively, without taking too much time or demanding me to stay on top of too many things – it has stayed unchanged during 2012.

I refer to this system simply as “my point system”. Every action I want to include in my days have a set amount of points you get from doing them. Most valuable for me is writing and doing creative work. I’m not gonna go through how all the tasks return points, but just to give you an idea, writing, the most valuable thing, is worth 7 points / 30 minutes.

Now of course things that are hard to measure in terms of usefulness, like meditation, also earn me points. In theory, I could score a massive load of points without even providing any value, simply by doing things like working out, meditating, stretching, reading… All useful, but perhaps not productive in traditional sense.

So calling this a productivity tracking system isn’t completely correct – more correct way is to call it a system for measuring how much my days look like how I want them to look. I want to create a lot of value, I want to keep myself healthy and fit, and I want to educate myself and develop my mind – my point system reflects that by valuing all those actions via points.

Ultimate Goal – Transcending Joe’s Goals

Of course, ultimately this is just a motivational tool. I enjoy numbers. For some reason I like statistics & competing, and so reducing my life into a simply weekly score that I try to beat just motivates me.

But I know there’s more to life than just numbers. The point system is just a way to spur me into right direction, to slowly cultivating the daily habits that consistently develop me as a person and slowly shift me from the lazy slug I am now into a vibrant value-provider I hope to be in few years. Any tool I can use to make that shift happen, I welcome.

At some point I hope to transcend the point system – reach such level that it makes no sense to track things like that any more. Or perhaps then I recognize other habits have become priority in my life than the ones that are rewarded now. In any case, I might just keep doing it cause I enjoy it. You might think that tracking numerous things like my point system tracks is tedious and time-consuming, but I enjoy it for whatever reason, and it has integrated into my life by now to such extent that it is effortless. It probably takes only a few minutes out of my day.

I’m not saying you should do it, but I know sites like Joe’s Goals and other similar tools spur people forward. Use whatever you can. I just like bragging with things like “I’ve stretched 25 minutes a day for 121 days in a row now”, and as Joe’s Goals tracks streaks as well, it fits my needs perfectly.

Yesterday in Points

So like I told you I surpassed hundred points only second time yesterday – I scored 109 points in my own system, with my record being 114. That gives me a clue that the current schedule is at least more functional than any other I have had before. To give you a perspective to how lazy I’m in general: my weekly record is 400 (though I’m certainly gonna crush that record this week).

I will keep you updated on how my life is going under a strict schedule of giving value. I also edited the previous post a bit, adding alternate schedule for weekends and giving myself a bit of a leeway on the night’s 2 hours of work mode.

If You Call Yourself Professional Might As Well Act Like One

I’ve made a lot of broken promises, especially on the internet. Like the most recent one, promising to commit time daily to this blog. I didn’t have time for it in the end. But enough with the excuses. This post is going to be just a short rant at myself for being too lazy.

I wrote up a program for myself to follow recently. Just a simple schedule to structure my day around. I followed it one day properly and then somewhat followed it for few days more. These days, my days don’t have much semblance with that schedule. Another broken promise.

Well, today I promised myself I won’t be at my parents house any more come February 1st. Now what does all of this has to do with professionalism? Well as I’m still pretty much broke, I have to somehow find the inner resources to multiply my working hours. I’ve been earning the few trickling dollars I earn by writing, currently only at Fiverr. But I don’t work hard enough. I need to start writing more. I need to push through those patches I’m feeling lazy. I need to stop sleeping in instead of getting up early to work.

Here’s a new schedule I wrote for myself. I don’t expect it to have any value to you, but I’m posting it for my own reference. This time I don’t intend to throw it away after couple of days, though I might tweak it according to feedback reality gives to me.

Get up at 7 – No excuses!

7-8: Breakfast/other maintenance.

8-11: Work mode.

— 2 hour break —

13-16 Work mode.

— 3 hour break —

19-21 Work mode

21-22 Eat, read, and prepare for bed.

22-7 Sleep or at least keep trying.


That doesn’t sound too bad, right? Well, I can tell you I don’t work 8 hours on an average day, even writing. However, now I have to be professional, and push through it even if I don’t feel like it. If I’m to earn an income doing this, I have to show for it in terms of working hours. Now that I wrote this schedule, I have to follow it. From so many broken promises (other schedules) I’ve learned that my adherence has to be very strict – if I allow myself to slip up a bit, I’ll soon start excusing other slip-ups and very soon the whole schedule has gone down the drain.

Five hours of breaks will give me enough time to get my exercise in, do chores around the house and put in other meals. There’s also one part of the schedule I won’t be so strict about – sleeping times. Sometimes for whatever reason (often football, which I have to watch late as I write about football… and I’d want to do it anyway :) ) I have to stay up, but I won’t allow sleeping in on even those nights. If I feel too tired to function next day, I might take a nap during the breaks, but that’s it. My days will be monotonous, but I don’t care, the point is here to learn to provide value for people.

So yeah, that’s my post for today. A bit personal, and a probably valueless for most of my readers, but let me know what you think. While I’m on the topic of broken promises, I’m thinking I might resurrect some of the old posts I wrote, will have to see them – I don’t bring back anything that I don’t agree with any more.

Oh, and while I’m on here, might as well plug the gigs I have on Fiverr.

EDIT: I’ve since realized I need to have some alternative schedules. Weekends will be the most major chance: I’ll work instead from 8-13 straight and then have rest of the day to use as I wish – most of the time it will go to watching football. Of course if I can, I will use the regular schedule on weekends as well.

Fact is, in real life you can’t be super rigid, you need some fluidity. So my fluidity will be having this alternative plan.

Also, I might scrap the last bit of work mode on some nights should I need to for some external reason. But if I can, there is no excuses to not do work-mode that time too.