Archive - October, 2012

Restarting the Blog

I’ve been off of updating the blog for a long while, and I’m not really happy with my earlier posts, so I’ve decided to remove most of my stuff and start over from a clean slate.

I remember that I always preached about trying to put out the best content you possibly could. Habit of Excellence was the name of the article I talked about. Well, when I look at my videos and old articles now, pretty much only one of them I’m satisfied with is the Malaysia post which I ended up leaving up. And it’s not matter of me lacking skill or talent to do better. I simply didn’t work hard enough on the old posts, let alone the videos. I see my videos for what they are – pretty unbearable to watch.

I’m not going to cease making videos. Instead, I’m going to work hard on them, record and re-record them, cut and polish them, do my best the really deliver excellence, just like the article said. I simply wasn’t practicing what I was preaching earlier, not in any facet of blogging. However, video is not my medium, so I’m not going to be using it on every video.

Because another thing I preached about was consistency – and blog wasn’t a consistent part of my life. It might have been consistent thing in my mind, but if the only consistently relating to it is consistency to put off writing into it, of course it’s going to not work.

Now I have a set time to write and/or work on the blog every day. It doesn’t mean I’m going to post every day. I aim for once a week, but if I am to work hard on really producing quality content, even that might be too often. But at least it will mean that blog will now be a consistent part of my life.

Lastly a scrapped feature of the project is book reviews and other random reviews. They just didn’t fit to the overall feel of the blog.

If you’ve got any comments or think some other posts besides the one about Malaysia should be resurrected, feel free to make a comment.